The Blast Process for Nursing Colleges

  • Blast Analyzes recordings of lectures given by your professors or online lessons and creates diagnostic tests and intelligent study
  • One or more days after attending class, each student logs into Blast and takes a diagnostic assessment on the material covered in the lecture or online lesson.
  • Blast uses each student’s assessment results to create a personalized study plan that includes sections of the lecture or lesson that the student should re-listen to using Blast Narratives and Quiz Questions the student should answer using the Blast Study system.
  • Because Blast personalizes studying to each student and uses research-based study methods, each student reaches mastery in far less time than if they used any other study method
  • In real-world tests at major nursing colleges, Blast improved the average GPA by more than a full grade point and reduced course failures by over 90%

Blast narratives:

Blast narratives use voice technology like Alexa to re-teach the parts of the lecture a student didn’t fully grasp, while stopping to ask questions about critical concepts that increase knowledge retention.

Students use their phones to listen to Blast narratives anywhere – even while doing chores or exercising.

Blast Quizzing Sessions:

Blast replaces the normal use of flash cards or online quizzing with intelligent quizzing.

The Blast Intelligent Quizzing Algorithm is based on 20 years of research and decides which questions each student should be asked each day and how the questions should be asked.

The Blast Study technology accelerates long-term memory formation, so students earn high scores on current exams and remember the information for licensing tests like the NCLEX®.

What Do Colleges Say About How Well Blast Works?

“ I am happy to report that Blast had tremendous success with our students. High achieving students were able to maintain their A’s, B and C students improved their grades by a full grade or more, and the percentage of D and F students who dropped the class fell by 90 percent compared to the students who did not switch to Blast. And, best of all, most of the previous D and F students who switched to Blast ended up earning A’s or B’s on the final. It was truly remarkable to see! ”


Marwan A

Director of Innovation

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Blast Answers The Three Questions Students Should Ask Every Time They Study

What is the best material for me to study or question for me to answer today?

What study method will help me master the material in the least amount of study time?

How do I motivate myself to focus and spend enough time studying to reach my goals?

What Do Students Say About How Well Blast Works?

Independent Research Shows that over 90% of Blast Users Agree with the following statements~

  • 1. Blast helps me use my study time more effectively !

  • 2. Blast makes studying more enjoyabl

  • 3. I would like to have Blast study material for all of my future courses

The Blast Money Back Guarantee

Blast provides a written money back guarantee that says Blast will increase the GPA of your B and C students by at least a fullgrade point and cut your course failure rate by 90%.

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How Does Blast Help Underserved Students?

Who is Behind Blast?

  • The Founder – Bruce Lewolt – and his team have been building award-winning and patented ed tech and corporate training solutions for over 20 years. They designed test prep systems for the largest school districts in the country, online universities in the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia, and training systems for corporations like IBM, Audi, JD Power, State Farm, and many more.
  • At the start of the pandemic, the team focused the full force of their experience and skills on solving the biggest problem in all forms of education and training. How to get students from a basic understanding of knowledge, that they gain from a lecture, video, or reading, to deep mastery and long-term retention.
  • Fortunately, in the last 5 years, researchers have discovered more about how mastery and long-term retention happens in the brain than in all of recorded history. The Blast team used every ounce of this research in the development of the intelligent system that builds and delivers a personal study plan for each learner. Blast is so different and so much more effective than any other study software that you have to see it for yourself to fully grasp the variety of ways you can use Blast to achieve your goals.