Blast Learning is a personalized learning assistant you can talk to like Alexa.

Blast Learning is a personalized learning assistant you can talk to like Alexa.

Your Blast Personal Learning Assistant is available 24-7 on your phone, tablet, computer and even an Alexa device.

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Blast has proven to increase grades for all students and reduce collegiate dropouts by 92%.

Especially effective for degrees like Nursing, Law, and Engineering, Blast increases content retention and helps students develop the critical thinking skills necessary for optimal success on licensing exams.

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The New Reality.

Points for Effective Studying

In the days before cheat sites, the effective model of college instruction was to reward behavior (A) and hope that it produced behavior (B). In this case, behavior (A) was test scores and (B) was effective study methods that produced content mastery and durable memories.

But with the advent of cheat sites, students can get good test results by only studying the professor’s test questions. This produces pattern recognition memory without producing content mastery.

“I am happy to report that Blast had tremendous success with our students. Students improved their grades and the percentage of students who failed a class fell by 92 percent. It was truly remarkable to see!”

M. Alamat, Nursing School Administrator

Reality check – Sadly, because cheat sites pay people to upload test questions, you have to assume that every question in every test bank is available on at least one cheat site out there.

Blast solves this cheat site and cramming problems by giving points for effective learning with the right content at the ideal times. For the student, Blast makes cramming unnecessary extra work and using cheat sites a waste of time and money.

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