For over 15 years, the team at Blast has researched effective studying and designed study systems for the largest publishers and educational institutions, and corporations in the world.

During the pandemic, we recognized the confluence of three things:

First, most learners are not aware of the progress brain science has made toward understanding how to study in ways that accelerate memory formation and the development of critical thinking ability. As a result, students still study in very inefficient ways that are tedious and time-consuming.


Second, today’s students have less time to study because they are more likely to have family responsibilities or to work while going to school.


Third, the combination of AI and Voice assistants, like Alexa, could be leveraged to produce a new category of study technology that compared to our current solutions, is more enjoyable and effective.


Motivated by these three trends the team at Blast combined our own research on over ten-million student learning interactions with the leading research on the spacing effect, effortful recall, interleaving, engagement, building self-efficacy, and more, to build an intelligent system capable of producing a personalized daily study experience for each learner— that is both highly effective and enjoyable.


Blast allows students to study effectively anywhere, using multiple modalities, resulting in students who consistently achieve higher scores with less study time and stress.


Due to the quality and desirability of the study experience, Blast is not just good for the student— it’s good for the education and training institutions it resides in.


The undeniable effectiveness of Blast increases applicants, graduation rates, and post-graduation success.

Our Founder, Bruce Lewolt

Bruce Lewolt has dedicated his career to developing groundbreaking learning technologies designed to help learners maximize their potential. He is particularly focused on settings where the retention of course material is crucial for future academic milestones, high-stakes examinations, or improved job performance.


Bruce has a portfolio that spans a wide range of educational scenarios —from crafting study software for the world’s largest textbook publishers to establishing training systems for nursing colleges that bolster student performance and retention. He’s also engineered a digital tutoring system that remarkably elevated inner-city students from four years below grade level to above grade-level proficiency in both math and English in less than eight months. Further, Bruce has developed verbal simulation technology for sales training, adopted by over 100 of the world’s largest sales forces, including giants like Audi and IBM. Importantly, his innovative solutions often incorporate elements of mental resilience and lifelong learning skills.


Bruce has had the honor of working on research projects with esteemed educational researchers from institutions like Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, and UC San Diego.


If you have an especially challenging learning-related problem to solve, use the link below to set up a one-on-one call with Bruce.

Bruce Lewolt Founder

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