Sales Training

Verbal   Personalized   Spaced Reptition

The reason one-on-one sales coaching is more effective than sales training is that coaching uses the Mastery Trio.

  1. Verbal: The role-playing exercises used by good sales coaches allow salespeople to practice verbally instead of clicking answers to multiple choice study questions on a computer screen.
  2. Personalized: Coaches personalize coaching and practice to the needs of each salesperson
  3. Spaced Repetition: Coaches repeat training exercises on multiple days, which stimulates the brain to grow the number of connections required for mastery.

Now Blast provides the Mastery Trio by converting the intelligence and verbal interphase of Alexa into a one-on-one personal sales coach that is available on a computer, tablet, or cell phone.

Blast is Sales Methodology Agnostic

Our team of sales training experts have worked with every major sales methodology from Ashland to Challenger to Sandler to SPIN to Value selling and more.  Therefore, we can adapt the Blast system to whatever methodology you currently use or help you select the best methodology for your company. The important point is that all sales methodologies fail unless salespeople reach verbal mastery and verbal master is guaranteed by Blast.

The Winning Combination

Mastering a sales strategy is not enough, nor is mastering product knowledge.  Instead, competent salespeople must master your product knowledge and combine it with a sales strategy to build the brain circuitry required to have effective sales conversations.

The verbal practice salespeople get with Blast allows them to combine product knowledge with sales strategy in a way that accelerates the growth of the brain connections that produce mastery and increased sales performance.

Mental Toughness and Emotional Intelligence

The experienced team of sales training content writers at Blast can enhance your current sales methodology with the same mental toughness strategies used by Olympic athletes.

The Blast team can also provide the world’s leading emotional intelligence training for salespeople. This training equips salespeople to identify a prospect’s personality and adapt conversation elements like tonality and message elements to the personality of each prospect. For example, early adopter personality types, love to hear messages about how new and innovative your solution is while these same messages scare off late adopters.


The team of sales skills training experts at Blast have built training used by hundreds of companies including

You have to hear it to believe it

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