Blast has proven to increase grades for all students and reduce collegiate dropouts by 92%.

Especially effective for degrees like Nursing, Law, and Engineering, Blast increases content retention and helps students develop the critical thinking skills necessary for optimal success on licensing exams.

1. The Power Of Science

What Is Blast Precision Studying Intelligence?

Precision studying intelligence is about combining cognitive science with AI to select the right study content, study methods and study schedule for each learner. Independent research proves that Blast precision studying intelligence increases grades and reduces course failure by 92%, while creating dramatic increases in durable memory and competence.

2. The Power Of Convenience

ALEXA is built directly into Blast so learners can verbally interact with study material while commuting or exercising.

For example, while a student is preparing dinner they can simply say, “Open Study Blast” on their phone or tablet and Blast will begin asking study questions and responding directly to the student’s answer. Blast informs the student if they are right or wrong, provides a detailed explanation as to why, and selects the best follow-up question based on student progress.

With Blast, those short moments previously used for household chores or waiting for appointments can be filled with meaningful study time and marked academic improvement.

3. The Power Of Integration

Blast seamlessly integrates with your institution’s learning management system (LMS) so it can identify exactly what the learner needs to master. Blast gives points for effective study behavior like completing the right study activities on the ideal days. These points automatically populate in the LMS grade book. The result is students are incentivized to avoid cramming and study in a way that builds durable memories

4. The Power Of Consistency

Students can use Blast in ALL OF THEIR CLASSES.

This provides the easy-to-use streamlined experience that students demand. BONUS: Students can create their own voice-enabled study content.


After college, students can continue to utilize Blast as a lifetime study tool that remembers everything the student has learned.


In programs like Nursing, where students are required to remember class material for future certification exams, Blast periodically reinforces learned information to maintain the highest standard of retention.

When the student is ready to take the certification exam, Blast provides personalized exam prep — ensuring that students no longer have to turn to unreliable 3rd party exam prep companies.