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Discover how Blast Learning reduces content creation time by 90% and improves learning outcomes. Our AI technology utilizes the science of learning to create engaging content and personalized learning experiences that improve student performance.

The Exploding Market for Curriculum Developers Who Can Use AI

Are you ready for the explosion in jobs for curriculum developers who know how to use AI to accelerate the development of high-quality content? Watch this short video to learn more about the changing job market and how curriculum developers can use Blast to support the dream of every educator.

The Two Components of Blast Learning

Build the future of education and training with Blast Create and Blast Learn.

Blast Create

Streamlines the creation of pedagogically sound instruction materials, study content, and test questions, minimizing effort and reducing content creation time by over 90%.

Blast Learn

Acts as a personal tutor, combining content from Blast Create with the latest research on accelerated learning and building critical thinking skills to deliver tailored learning experiences .

Money Back Guarantee

Use Blast to create and deliver content and we guarantee that course failure will decrease and the number of students who earn A’s will increase by at least 50%.

The Power of Blast Learning

Amplified Learning Effectiveness

Blast Learning is backed by research in the science of learning, ensuring that students can enhance their knowledge retention and critical thinking skills.

Effortless Content Creation

Blast Create drastically reduces the time and effort required to create instruction, study, and test content, allowing educators to focus on delivering high-quality Instruction.

Personalized Study Experiences

Blast Learn generates individualized study experiences by combining the best materials and study methods, catering to each learner’s unique needs and preferences.

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