Blast Learning Fair Use Policy

The Blast Learning Fair Use Policy governs your use of all Blast Learning services and websites. By using our platform, you agree to comply with the following guidelines:

Appropriate Use:

You will use Blast Learning sites and services responsibly and lawfully. Illegal or unauthorized activities are strictly prohibited.

Use Limiting: To protect against abuse, Blast sets limits on the number of ai calls a content creator can make in a day.

This limit is greater than the amount a normal creator requires. If a content creator reaches this limit Blast will show them an alert message and they won’t be able to submit more ai requests till the next day.

Content Ownership:

AI generated content can not be copyrighted. Even though it is unlikely, it is possible that the content our AI system produced for you will be substantially the same as content it produces for someone else. Therefore, you have full rights to use the content produced by Blast Learning, but you do not own the content.

Obay Intellectual Property Laws:

You agree that you will obey all relevant intellectual property rights and won’t use a 3rd party’s protected content without authorization.


You will provide your own equipment for accessing the Blast Learning services and sites.

Inappropriate content:

You will not use the Blast Learning system to produce illegal or inappropriate content. You take full responsibility for the content you create using Blast Learning.


You are responsible for your conduct and compliance with the Fair Use Policy.

Third-Party Websites:

Blast Learning is not responsible for third-party websites used within our service or websites.

AI Content:

Blast Learning is not responsible for the accuracy of content produced by an artificial intelligence or large language model. You agree that you will review and approve all content prior to making the content available to learners.

Controlling Law:

The Fair Use Policy is governed by the law of the state of Delaware in the United States.


You agree that all disputes will be resolved by arbitration in the state of Delaware in the United States.

Entire Agreement:

The Fair Use Policy supersedes prior agreements and creates no third-party beneficiary rights.

Modifications: Blast Learning reserved the right to revise the Fair Use Policy without prior notice. The most current Fair Use Policy will be available on our website. Continued use of the Blast Learning systems or websites after a revision will constitute acceptance of the new Fair Use Policy.


For any questions or notices related to the Fair Use Policy contact Blast Learning at