Unleash Every Student’s Full Learning Potential with Blast Learning

Convenient, Effective, Anytime Learning on Any Device – Including Alexa!

The Four Components of the Blast Learning System


Unleash the Fusion of Science and Brilliance

What is Blast’s Precision Studying Intelligence?
Imagine combining the insights of cognitive science with the limitless potential of AI to tailor the perfect study strategy for each student. Our independent research confirms the transformational power of Blast’s Precision Studying Intelligence. See a staggering 90% reduction in course failure and a 50% increase in A-grades among students who use Blast. Additionally, experience a remarkable surge in long-term memory retention and critical thinking skills.

Embrace the Future of AI Assisted Learning

Integrated Alexa, Tailored Wisdom

Experience the power of seamlessly integrating effective study habits into the fabric of each student’s daily life—whether they’re commuting, exercising, or even cooking dinner. Students simply say, “Open Blast Learning,” and a symphony of interactive learning unfolds right from their phone, tablet, or Alexa device. Blast not only administers intelligent study questions but also offers real-time feedback, diving into detailed explanations and intuitively selecting the next optimal question or Blast Narrative for them to engage with.


Blast turns every fleeting moment—those snippets of time spent on chores or waiting for appointments—into an opportunity for intellectual growth and academic improvement. With Blast, the pursuit of academic excellence is limitless


Turn Study Time into Points of Brilliance!

What is Blast’s Precision Studying Intelligence?

Blast effortlessly syncs with your institution’s LMS, achieving perfect harmony between your courses and students’ schedules.


But the real game-changer is this: Blast does more than just guide students; it also uses the latest motivation science research to get students to engage in high-value study activities on the most effective days, instead of cramming. Moreover, Blast can be configured to award points for completing activities on the scheduled days. These points then seamlessly integrate into your LMS grade book and reporting system, allowing instructors to continually assess each student’s progress without waiting for test results.


Transform Each Student’s Path to Certification

Integrated Alexa, Tailored Wisdom

In demanding majors like Medicine, Engineering, and Law, a student’s academic journey isn’t just about completing courses—it’s also about building toward success in high-stakes exams, such as graduate school entrance exams or licensing exams. That’s where Blast steps in. Our system serves as an intellectual treasury, storing every piece of knowledge a student acquires throughout their academic journey.


When the time comes to prepare for a high-stakes exam, Blast weaves this amassed wisdom into a personalized exam preparation system. The result? A well-crafted pathway that elevates each student’s chances of producing top-tier results on those career-defining exams.


Why leave the way each student studies and their future to chance? Schedule a demo today and discover how Blast can elevate each student’s current and future success.

Schedule a demo today and discover how Blast can elevate each student’s current and future success.