the most comprehensive Study Success Platform.

The only platform to use Alexa voice technology to enable the type of anywhere anytime any modality studying today’s students want. 

In addition to providing this technology for your students, Blast wants to partner with YOU to address three of the biggest institutional challenges facing nursing schools.

enroll, adapt, protect

Increase revenue, while decreasing costs.

  1. The challenge of enrolling more students and reduce the number of students who drop out or don’t pass the NCLEX on the first try.
  2. The challenge of adapting to today’s student who is more likely to work while going to school, demands that institutions adapt to their needs, and expects engaging learning experiences. 
  3. The challenge of protecting your institution from the negative effects of cheat sites that pay people to post professor test questions.

Blast will INCREASE REVENUE due to increased retention and DECREASE COSTS due to a reduced need for expensive remediation services.

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