single study system.

Supporting all branches of government or military training.

Blast provides a single study system that works across all government or military trainings and continues to help your people throughout their careers. 

The Blast system is designed to: 

  1. Figure out the most effective way for each learner to Study and uses this information to reduce overall study time while increasing long-term knowledge retention.  
  2. Takes a tactical approach to building competency that allows learners to succeed in challenging courses they might otherwise fail. 

after completing courses

Maintains competency and readiness by reinforcing learned information.

Blast can also support corporate training courses by solving the problem of forgetting and increasing competence levels.

In addition to providing Blast’s advanced technology, Blast wants to partner with you to provide today’s employee with a training experience that is convenient, intuitive, and effective, using research-based training and study strategies to increase employee performance and your return on investment.

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